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On paper, the Kobo Glo looks fantastic. Once you actually have the unit in your hands, though, the user experience isn't quite up to standard.

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  • BruceB2


    "Have had a Kobo Touch????? for quite some time. In theory it is a simple machine. Many of the problems listed above have driven me to give up on it.
    -Frequent major software lock ups. Global ..."

  • WayneB3


    "Sony Reader just works so much nicer than the Kobo Touch I bought and now dont use... I have tried updating the software but it still locks up, loses books (non-DRM ePubs that I copy over) and just..."

  • Bosh


    "I think you had bad luck. I never experienced those problems with my Kobo Glo.
    The reading experience is awesome !"

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