Kobo Touch update adds wish list, recommendations

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A new update for the Kobo Touch adds recommendations, a wish-list function and an improved user interface.

(Credit: Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Version 2.0 of the Kobo OS was released today, making the e-reader much more streamlined.

Among the improvements are a streamlined home screen, personalised book recommendations based on what's in your Library, Font Tuning to make text sharper and the ability to change accounts on your e-reader — so if you share with a family member, you can access your very own profile.

In the Kobo store on your device, you can now also add books to a wish list and read free previews — and, in your Library, you can create customised shelves. This is great for avid readers who want to group their books by genre, for example.

We're big fans of anything that makes a fantastic user experience even better, so kudos to Kobo.

To get the update, make sure you have a Wi-Fi network available, tap the cloud icon on the upper right-hand corner and follow the prompts.

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ChrisH5 posted a comment   

So I pressed the cloud button and it tried to update the iOS and it won't even turn on now!!!! It just has the main screen when you first turn the kobo on when the small squares come up when it's loading. Any ideas? It worked really well before and noe it won't even turn onChris


Jondalar posted a comment   

Interesting to see how this improves our Kobo Touch, it's been quite disappointing so far. We keep wifi off and it is only used for less than an hour a day and yet the battery goes flat in sometimes as little as three days. It's also incredibly slow, when loaded with over 700 books it took about 30 minutes to become usable. Even with only 50 books still pretty slow going to home screen etc. Have not got a Sony PRS-600 and Nook Simple Touch to compare it to and it seems far worse than either of those except it's screen quality beats the Sony on contrast alone.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Hey, an Auel fan!

It shouldn't be doing that. Have you tried getting in touch with Kobo support? There's a 24/7 number you can call: 1800 064 011


maggie1403 posted a reply   

I recently purchased an ereader touch and it is still not working, I cannot get seem to get the desktop to recognise the device and it has frozen, I have reinstalled the software and now cannot get into the desktop, The 24/7 number that you have listed does not answer no matter what time of the day I try to ring it. Any suggestions?

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