Kogan adds Quickflix to smart TV dongle

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Technology retailer Kogan and Quickflix have joined forces to add the popular video-streaming service to the Kogan Agora smart TV HDMI dongle and includes a six-week trial.

The Agora dongle now has Quickflix functionality.
(Credit: Kogan)

The dongle — which is has been available for a number of weeks now — plugs in to an HDMI, and uses the Android operating system to add IPTV functionality to a screen (you can read our review of the dongle here). This new deal purely adds the Quickflix service to the new version of the device, which is currently available on Panasonic and Samsung smart TVs.

The dongle retails for AU$99, and new orders have an estimated delivery date of 17 September. Users will still need to sign up for a standard Quickflix streaming account, which is currently AU$14.95 for unlimited streaming of selected shows, with some new-release videos garnering an additional "pay-per-view" fee.

Update: Quickflix has just announced that it will be offering a six-week free trial of its service as part of the purchase price of the dongle.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Sounds like a great feature to add... would it change the rview score??
What resolution does Quickflix stream at? 720p... or does it scale based on your bandwidth?

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