Kogan Agora ICS tablet: unboxing

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So, you want a tablet, but you're not willing to pay iPad prices for one? We hear you, and so does Ruslan Kogan, it seems. The enterprising Aussie entrepeneur is back with yet another budget priced Android tablet — this time with a larger screen and the latest version of the Android OS. We got our hands on one of the country's first units, and ripped back the plastic to see just how much tablet you get for AU$179.

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HamoMark posted a comment   

Don't ever buy from this MOB Kogan, there products such as there Androids are not compatible , there TV's are out of sink , it's like watching and old Japanese move where there lips are moving but the sound comes later there vacuum cleaners break on first use and worst of all there customer service rates a zero , having to wait over one hour on hold is a joke just like this so called company and you can get there rubbish for a lot cheaper else where which they won't tell you .


Adam86 posted a comment   

So far looks great for the price.Can't wait for the video, perhaps it will focus on how this would be good for school?I've been thinking of getting the kids an iPad but don't trust them too look after it, a couple of hundred isn't too much to loose if they damage it or it's stolen.


StuartM5 posted a comment   

Thanks for the review, I was looking for reviews yesterday. Surprised you didn't go into more detail but can appreciate you just got it How about :- screen responsiveness? - video playback (choppy or smooth, format compatability) - any Google play store compatability issues? - was it smooth in multitasking / switching between apps? Thanks


GrahamL1 posted a comment   

I think your comment: "Then again, this tablet is a quarter of the price, so maybe a benchmark result a quarter of the speed is right on the money?" is quite right - I'd be willing to have a tablet like this at this price and not expect to see too much in the way of performance - I would like to see how it performs playing video files and so long as it handles them fine, I'd be happy!


techAU posted a comment   

I stopped caring about synthetic benchmarks years ago. They just don't correlate to the real-world experience consumers can expect. A hands-on video of the tablet in action would be far more useful.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

We agree with that too. We'll have a video ready early next week.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Nice work Joe, looking forward to your more detailed review/thoughts of how it is to use.
Be interested to hear how the viewing angles are of the screen and overall screen quality.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

The viewing angles are pretty impressive, though it's not a terribly bright screen. Much better than the screen on the last Kogan tablet by a huge margin.

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