Kogan definitely not first to customers with iPhone 5

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After offering to sell the iPhone first and for AU$100 cheaper than Apple, electronics retailer Kogan is now expecting a four-week delay on shipping Apple's new smartphone.

Kogan expects to ship iPhone 5 stock from October 22.

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As spotted by PC World, the Kogan blog post advertising the iPhone is now flooding with complaints from angry customers, who are upset that they will wait up to four weeks before receiving delivery of the phone through Kogan.

"This is very misleading — you guys had no intention of dispatching orders today! This is the first and last time I ever order through this con of a business!" said one commenter.

In response, Kogan is attempting to keep the peace by offering AU$20 gift vouchers to anyone waiting for an iPhone, even customers who decide to refund their pre-order and buy the phone at any retailer with stock.

"These are global supply delays outside of our control. We are working hard to fulfil all orders, and we are doing so on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are able to get it sooner elsewhere, you are welcome to refund your order with Kogan immediately and we will still give you the voucher you can use on other goods," said a Kogan forum moderator in response to the backlash.

Kogan first advertised its iPhone 5 sales on the same day that Apple unveiled the phone at a keynote event in San Francisco, offering to sell it for AU$100 cheaper than Apple. This offer has since expired, and the price has increased by AU$50.

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JasonC8 posted a comment   

Typical and dodgy Kogan. Just like when they were dodgy with advertising the "Samsung in Kogan" TV ads. I suspected they'd have delays, and just enjoy the benefits of 6-8 weeks of interest free payments by overly enthusiastic Aussie fanboys, and this just proves it. Shame Kogan Shame.

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