Kogan Full HD Action Camera

If you are on a budget, the Kogan Action Camera is one of the best buys under AU$150.

There are no sellers at the moment that carry this product.

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User Reviews / Comments  Kogan Full HD Action Camera

  • GideonW



    "Kogan action camera Black edition.

    Was a bit worried reading all the reviews claiming that the waterproof housing leaks as I bought this unit to take with me on my surfing trips. Teste..."

  • LisaS4



    "I bought 2 of these for my sons for christmas with the intent of using them on our christmas holidays. BOTH cases leaked within 5 minutes of paddling about in the water. The second you pressed the ..."

  • Marjaq


    "I bought the Black Edition and took it t Figi with the family and it failed in the first minute when I took it in the water. The "waterproof" housing is not waterproof at all. However, Kogan did re..."

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