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Yesterday, it was a rumour — today, it is reality. Kogan Mobile is now on sale, offering one of the best value prepaid mobile deals in Australia.

(Credit: Kogan)

As we reported yesterday, Kogan Mobile is a service where customers buy the time on the network in month-long packages, rather than buying minutes or credit. One month costs AU$29, three-months costs AU$79 and a full year is AU$299. Each calendar month ,you get 6GB of data and unlimited standard calls and messages to phones in Australia.

If you want to call overseas numbers or premium services, like Sensis, there is also a bolt-on pack available for AU$14.95 per month. This includes 10 cent per-minutes calls to 22 countries grouped as Zone 1, with the other countries listed attracting a charge between approximately 60 cents to $1.50 per minute. Full details can be found here.

Kogan Mobile will piggyback on Telstra's 3G network, with coverage for 97 per cent of the Australian population. There are no 4G service options, though, and the Kogan 3G network is capped at 7.2Mbps, with advertised download speeds of only 1 to 3Mbps. This could make it hard to chew through the allotted 6GB of data each month.

As an introductory offer, Kogan Mobile is giving away free SIM cards with 100 minutes, 100 text messages and 100MB of data so that you can test the service for yourself.

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paulgo posted a comment   

Kogan's mobile "service" is nothing but a total SCAM. Please see whirlpool forums full of complaints. I and a lot of other people have fallen victim to their unscrupulous dealings.



SarahR posted a comment   

Kogan is on the Telsta Wholesale network 3G (not nextG)


KDM1 posted a comment   

And, a bit more trivia to share about my research...
A review of the Kogan website and all of their FAQs and there is no information about who provides their service. They have a coverage map but it's not obvious to me by this who provides the service.
So I rang the 1300 number listed in the contact us section of the Kogan website. After hanging on the phone listining to music (Music-on-hold was better than most - at least that was a plus).... BUT after hanging on for an HOUR... I got a message ' sorry we're having a very high volume of calls and you'll have to call back later ' what the?!?!?!?! Could you not have told me that an hour ago?


KDM1 posted a comment   

By doing some further digging I have found their may be a bit more to the story... http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/03/telstra-signs-up-first-nextg-wholesaler/


KDM1 posted a comment   

So who am I supposed to believe cNet or Australian Financial Review? (OK cNet you've got the unfair advantage as I'm posting on your blog forum first. Your story has come out on the 13th of Dec a day after the story from AFR.


So what gives... is Telstra supplying service for Kogan mobile or not?

Can anyone definitively answer?


ImranM posted a reply   


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