Kogan offers AU$49 PS Vita clone

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It's AU$49 and it comes with "1000s of games". But don't get confused — this most certainly is not the PlayStation Vita it resembles.

Kogan's familiar new products: the AU$49 model on the bottom and the AU$29 PMP II above.
(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

Kogan is renowned for its grey imports, many of which are true bargains for local consumers, even if they can tick off other companies. But its latest offering — the Portable Video Game & Media Player with Camera — might we attract a little interest from a certain Japanese company...

Billed as being "pre-loaded with hundreds of classic arcade games that you know and love" as well as letting you "download 1,000s of games from the internet" the device is strangely brand-free, albeit with a rather familiar shape.

The spec sheet lists it as a 4.3-inch screen (non-touch) and a 300MHz CPU with 16MB of RAM. Game playback formats are given as GBA, SFC, SNES, Sega, FC and NES, while video playback is MP4, MPEG, AVI, RMVB.

There is even a cheaper model: AU$29 without the camera, a much smaller 2.8-inch screen and the PMP II brand name.

Our best guess is that the device runs emulator software and plays ROMs, similar to the Droid 360 device that it also resembles.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and were given the following statement by a spokesperson: "We are currently looking into this. We can also confirm this is not official PlayStation product."

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MattW2 posted a comment   

I bought one. Baffles me as to how they think they can get away with selling not just a clone PSP, but having all the 1000's of Nintendo and Sega pirate games on it. It also has a couple of Lady Gaga tracks on it?! WTF.

Quite a few games are laggy, and some in chinese characters... but for the price... well worth it.

And of course it's no longer for sale by Kogan... no surprise.


SGMelbourne posted a comment   

I just had the $49 version arrive - It feels *very* cheap and the interface is somewhat clunky and slow. As for the games, it does come pre-loaded with a lot of games - all old Game Boy Advance games as well as a couple of NES and Sega games thrown in. I suspect that Kogan has a parrot on his shoulder and is wearing an eye-patch ;)


CyrusT posted a comment   

Only thing that is different to the real PSP's would be the battery life.


MichaelF8 posted a comment   

Looks more like a PSP without the joystick to me, rather than a PS Vita.


RichardE1 posted a comment   

I can't imagine they would release these to the US and get away with it (although, I wish that were the case). I think it'd be awesome to play NES games on the go.


troyhulm posted a comment   

This looks awesome! I would love to be able to play my (...legal) Snes games on a portable machine. What a great idea. Cnet AU should definitely review these when they come out if it works properly I would happily put down some cash for one.

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