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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Kogan waves budget wand at Nespresso coffee

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(Credit: Kogan)

Aussie electronics company Kogan is best known for cheap TVs and related home cinema equipment, but upon realising that you can't watch day-time TV without a hot cup of coffee, it has turned its cost-slashing sights to Nespresso coffee machines.

The company today launches the Kogan Ez-press Coffee Machine, an espresso machine compatible with the Nespresso-branded coffee pods for AU$139. In comparison, the cheapest model currently available through the Nespresso website, the Essenza model, is priced at AU$349. Both machines feature 19-bar pressure, but only the Kogan comes with a milk foaming wand built in.

The million-dollar question is whether you can get a comparable cup of coffee out of a machine at nearly one third of the price. To answer this, we've asked Kogan for a review unit to conduct a side-by-side comparison with a Nespresso Essenzo machine, which the CNET team is intimately familiar with. Stay tuned for the results in the coming weeks.

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n_zara posted a comment   

Price is up to $170 now on the website and final price is $200.

Any news on the test unit?


DavidM7 posted a comment   

The main cost of pod machine coffee is the pods, which Nestle charge heaps for.

Plus, the coffee is too small and cold.


gregory.opera posted a comment   


I look forward to a review, but not only does this offer a fantastic price, but it appears to offer some fdecent functionality...

Wouldn't mind getting my hands on this machine in the new future, but I think I'll wait for the review.

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