LaCie's key-shaped USB drives

When someone says memory key, you'd usually think of a small USB drive. Storage maker LaCie has taken the term to a new level with a range of USB flash drives that actually look like keys. Yes, the kind you use to open doors with.

The itsaKey and iamaKey flash drives, from a distance, are indistinguishable from real keys. They have a hole where you can put a ring through and the body extends downward to end in a USB connector. The specifications of the two versions are similar, but the itsaKey has exposed contacts which are apparently water- and scratch-resistant. This gives it a slimmer profile and, in our opinion, is the more attractive of the two. On the downside, if your key ring does not have a quick release option, it might be troublesome plugging one of these drives into your computer together with a big bunch of keys.

The similarly-designed Passkey, on the other hand, is a microSD card reader that lets you use your memory cards as a handy USB drive. Or you can also use it as a card reader on the go. All of these keys feature USB 2.0 with the throughput speed up to 480Mbps.

Both USB drives are available in 4GB (AU$44) and 8GB (AU$69) capacities. The PassKey microSD card reader version without internal memory is available in Australia for AU$29.

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lolord posted a comment   

you can buy them on the LaCie site


Jessica posted a comment   

How can I purchase one?

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