Lamborghini unveils AU$4.67m Veneno Roadster

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Lamborghini has unveiled the Veneno Roadster, an AU$4.67 million super sports car limited to just nine production models in 2014.

As part of its 50th anniversary year, Lamborghini has unveiled a beast of a prototype. Next year, the luxury supercar company will be launching on to the market one of its most exclusive models: the Veneno Roadster, a sports racer with an asking price of €3.3 million.

The sleek, carbon-fibre roadster follows the Veneno, unveiled in March and limited to a production run of just three cars. They're named after a famous Spanish fighting bull — the fierce beast that adorns Lamborghini's logo — to signify power, strength and vigour.

With its cutting lines and brilliant red body, the open-topped Veneno Roadster is a stunning embodiment of speed and audacity.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

WOW, they really went to town on this design, just awesome.

Would hardly call it an open top, the way that windscreen rises up, it almost meets the back of the car.

And that red, that was a good choice!

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