Laser EB101 E-Book Reader

The EB101 is a portable media player dressed up like an ebook reader, and at the end of the day, it's not great at either task.

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User Reviews / Comments  Laser EB101 E-Book Reader

  • novakor



    "This was the 1st ereader I bought for myself and it was the cheapest I could find at the time ($99). Worked well, easy to load and firmware upgrade so DRM formats were supported. Did not expect muc..."

  • LyndallA



    "We've had the EB101 for almost 12 mos now and initially they were great, did all that we expected of them but now we are experiencing issues with them. My hubby's one takes forever to accept an up..."

  • LeeM3



    "Well people not what sure what you expected from the B101, but as a tech I think you all expected waytoo much probably didnt look aound and paid way too much. I paid $39.95 AUD. I use the 101 all t..."

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