Laser printers for budget-conscious home offices

Although inkjet printers have been right at home in, well, homes for a long time now, laser printers are still mostly found in offices.

But with the increasing number of people telecommuting from home either part time or full time, laser printers are making inroads into homes and home offices. The requirements aren't the same, though. Home offices have fewer users -- usually just one, in fact -- so the printers don't need to be able to produce the same volume as office printers.

And physical space and budgets are much more constrained at home, which translates into smaller and less expensive. Here are some laser printers we found that are a good fit for home offices, for their small footprints and reasonable price tags.

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Yeti posted a comment   

I bought one and had to store it for a few months. It never worked again. Piece of rubbish don't buy.


unknown posted a comment   

ur printer is good

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