Latest iPhone 5 leak teases more RAM, map tweaks

While Apple's newest iPhone isn't expected to arrive until later this year, rumours of what the device will look like, and how Apple may change some of its key software features, continue to trickle out.

A glimpse of Apple's new maps?
(Credit: 9to5Mac)

The latest comes from 9to5Mac, which earlier this week posted purported photos of the front and back of upcoming iPhone models. Today, the blog has a follow-up, with details of a development version of the hardware and iOS 6 — the next major version of iOS Apple is expected to debut at the company's developer conference in a few weeks.

Citing an unnamed source behind the specs, 9to5Mac says the prototype unit is running on an "ARM S5L8950X" processor, a model number that's higher than the ones found on Apple's recent iPhone 4S and its third-generation iPad. No details were offered about its speed versus existing chips, but included a mention of a new graphics chip. The outlet also claims the phone will sport 1GB of RAM, up from the 512MB that ships on the iPhone 4S.

On the software side, 9to5Mac suggested that "Apple is far along" with iOS 6. That included another shot of an updated maps app with imagery that is not from Google, which looks similar to the one posted earlier this week by mobile tech blog Boy Genius Report.

Apple is once again expected to introduce its next iPhone in October, instead of June or July. The change last year moved up the public unveiling of iOS 5, in time for the company's annual developers conference, as well as timing the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 for a release closer to the lucrative Christmas shopping season.


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MartinH2 posted a comment   

Apple need to learn what widgets are... the UI paradigm is so lacking at the moment.


jayceww posted a comment   
South Africa

thank you

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