Latest jailbreak for iOS arrives, works with iPhone 5

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A new software tool promises deep system access to the inner workings of the iPhone 5, as well as Apple's latest devices, running the newest iOS.

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn)

Despite Apple's best efforts to keep users from gaining deep access to its iOS software, it's proven to be a cat-and-mouse game that just won't quit.

The latest — from the mouse front — is a tool called evasi0n, which was released overnight. The software jailbreaks the most recent version of Apple's iOS 6 software, something that's already been accomplished. However this new, much-awaited tool continues to work even if you restart your iPhone or iPad, and also works with the iPhone 5.

The software itself runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and can be used on "all iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1," its creators say. Once installed, users can download applications onto their phone outside of Apple's App Store using tools like Cydia. Some of those same software tweaks can also be used to make major changes, like re-skinning the operating system, or adding extra functionality.

The effort comes just a few days after Redsn0w, a similar jailbreak solution that worked on iOS 6.1, but was not compatible with Apple's newer chip architecture found on the iPhone 5, as well as the latest iPads and iPod Touch. For its part, Apple released iOS 6.1 a week ago today.


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