Latest TomTom app for iOS integrates with Facebook, Twitter

TomTom's iOS app for iPhone and iPad devices is about to get a helping of social-networking integration.

TomTom app Facebook and Twitter integration

(Credit: TomTom)

The latest update to the TomTom app, version 1.10, gains integration with Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share destinations and arrival times via the social networks, SMS text messages and email. Users can also access their Facebook places, events and friends as potential destinations for turn-by-turn navigation.

Like previous versions of the TomTom App, version 1.10 features locally stored maps, TomTom's IQ Routes turn-by-turn routing engine, Google search integration, access to TomTom's HD Traffic service (if you're willing to pay for it) and in-app access to iPod audio, contacts, email, calendar and photos.

Look for the update to the TomTom app to hit the iTunes App Store in the first quarter of the year.


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