LCD TV prices to drop: BenQ

Don't rush if you're thinking of buying that big screen LCD TV this weekend. BenQ's local head is tipping prices in the 20" and 30" range will fall significantly within a month, some models by up to AU$1000.

BenQ Australia's MD Philip Newton says prices for 26" LCD TVs will fall to below AU$2000 in a matter of weeks, with prices for 32" sets dropping significantly to be around the AU$2499 mark.

"Currently the going market price for a 26" LCD is the about the AU$3000 mark - our model is now priced at AU$2699. We believe that within the next month the entire market will drop to sub AU$2000," he said. "Indications from our major competitors and the feedback we're getting from our retail partners is that AU$1999 is the sweet spot for 26", and AU$2499 will become the sweet spot for 32"." Newton says improved production processes and greater competition is driving the price drops.

Locally, BenQ sells a 26" LCD TV model and a 30" model. It plans to boost that range later this year with the addition of 20", 32" and 37" model, and it also has a large 46" model in the works.

BenQ recently opened its Australian headquarters in Homebush Bay in Sydney, and Newton used the occasion to introduce several new products on the horizon from BenQ. Leading the pack is a range of new mobiles and smartphones, which are expected to be released in the later half of this year. Other new products due for release soon include new DLP projectors, more Joybee MP3 players, car entertainment systems and more.

BenQ chairman and CEO K.Y. Lee, who was in Sydney for the launch, flagged wireless connectivity as the next big step for BenQ's range of digital lifestyle products. Lee said BenQ's labs were now working on integrating media gateway technology into its products, which will allows seamless wireless media capabilities between its own gear as well as other manufacturers.

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yes i'm so interested in benq lcd tv because of its beautiful color , someday i will get one


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I think if I do a lookup 4 LCD televisions and the date of the article is 2005 .. well what can I think .. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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