Leaked images allegedly show Google's iOS mapping app

Blurry images of an iOS device running a native version of Google's mapping app have surfaced with a post that details some of its alleged features.

Google's standalone iOS Maps app running on an iPhone.
(Credit: Ben Guild)

The blurry images purportedly show Google's mapping app for iOS, suggesting that the web giant is already making progress in developing a standalone app.

(Credit: Ben Guild)

Developer Dan Guild posted what are allegedly leaked photos of an iPhone running a native version of Google Maps, which he described as being in the alpha stage.

Guild said that the new app was vector based, with the ability to use two-finger rotation to achieve any angle. He also said that it was "super fast" and supported the height of the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen.

Apple ignited consumer fervour last month when it opted to dump Google Maps from iOS 6, forcing users to switch to Apple's app, which many users found to be underwhelming or inaccurate when compared to Google's offering. Google has reportedly been "scrambling" to finish a replacement Google Maps application.

The situation led CEO Tim Cook to issue a rare apology for Apple's beleaguered map application, saying that Apple was "extremely sorry" for the frustration felt by customers, and vowed to improve the program.

Via CNET.com

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