Leaked press shots give better look at HTC Deluxe

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If there was any lingering doubt about what HTC would be doing next, it has evaporated with the latest round of photos leaked on the internet showing its 5-inch HD monster, the HTC Deluxe.

(Credit: GSMArena)

Ee may need to add a few letters to that moniker, though, according to a source for GSMArena, who believes that the name we will see it go by is the HTC Deluxe DLX. My English teacher would have called that a tautology, but since Apple convinced the entire world to start capitalising the second letter in nouns, it's anything goes in smartphone naming conventions.

The rumour is that the Deluxe DLX is the international version of the HTC Butterfly J for the Japanese market, which hit stores sporting a 5-inch 1080p resolution screen, a quad-core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. It also has an 8-megapixel camera and 16GB of storage. The US variant, the Droid DNA, also comes with long-term evolution (LTE) networking compatible with the Verizon 4G network.

With all of this screen and power, the big question will be about whether HTC has resolved the battery-life concerns that many had with this year's One Series. If you're keen to see more of the HTC Deluxe, your best bet will be to follow the news in February next year, when the mobile world converges on Barcelona in Spain for the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) expo.

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gilden_jns posted a comment   

Enjoy using HTC handsets but they need to improve the storage limitations, with a 5 inch screen people will use a unit like this for film so needs at least 64GB internal storage, and finally put the battery issues to bed.

Still disappointed we missed out on the One X in Australia since it seems to be the only unit they addressed these 2 issues on. Resigned myself recently to getting the One X and I have to say I'm a little disappointed with it. Since I'm not a big user the battery life and storage haven't been a big issue for me just yet but soon could as I've also recently gotten unlimited broadband at home and plan to download more films onto my phone....after all isn't that why we want such a big screen?!

My main gripes with the handset are, the major lag that occurs during basic operation and the amount of reduction in personalization options compared to the Desire HD. The screen is rich but could be a little punchier, I like the length but it could benefit from being a touch wider which you'd hope we'll get from the HTC Deluxe.


Pabrinex posted a reply   

I have found the OneXL on Telstra to have none of these issues you have described. 32GB storage, smoking fast 4G speeds, battery life very acceptable since 2.40 update. Screen looks great on this DLX, but unless comes with at least 32GB storage or microSD I won't be going near it.

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