Leap Motion pre-orders ship 13 May, app store announces

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Leap Motion, the innovative motion-control system with accuracy 200 times that of Microsoft's Kinect, has announced that it will ship to pre-order customers worldwide on 13 May.

The innovative gesture-control system will ship worldwide on 13 May.
(Credit: Leap Motion)

Leap Motion also announced an app store of compatible software, called Airspace, which will go live at the same time.

The Leap Motion Controller is a small box, slightly larger than a USB stick, which plugs in via USB and gives zero latency input through a 3D motion-sensing field that it reads in the open space above. It can track all fingers at once, and, as well as offering custom tools for developers to build on, can translate into many gesture controls, such as pinch to zoom and swipes.

Early pre-order customers were able to buy the Leap Motion for US$70, with the final price for ongoing pre-orders and purchases now set for US$79.99. It will also be sold in Best Buy stores in the US, and previously announced that it will be distributed later in the year with some Asus computers.

The Airspace app store will play host to software that many developers have been working on to make the most of the new control system. Leap Motion has for some time had thousands of developers working on the platform. Developers were selected based on how interesting their ideas were for the platform, and how likely they were to be able to bring those ideas to life.

There has been no announcement on how many apps will be available at launch, but Leap Motion has said that there will be many types of apps available, including music, games, art and productivity.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Really do love Leap Motion, amazing response out of such a tiny receiver!!! Love the examples they show off and the sensitivity and recognition of all fingers etc.

I am so tempeted to get one, especially now with some apps at launch that i will atleast be able to use... so hope autodesk pull through with their intent to plug it into their packages

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