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Free online coding school Codecademy has partnered with Twitter, Evernote, YouTube and other web companies to teach free lessons on specific APIs.

(Credit: Codecademy)

Want to build a Twitter app? What about an app with Evernote integration? Free online coding school Codecademy has your back, announcing in a blog post that it has formed new partnerships with various web companies for teaching you how to use their specific application programming interfaces (APIs).

Codecademy announced last month that it would be rolling out the API classes, and has been building its stable of partners, adding to the mix Twitter, Evernote, Box and Gilt. These companies join YouTube, SoundCloud, Bitly, GitHub and others — with Microsoft SkyDrive coming soon.

Codecademy content architect Eric Weinstein said in the blog post:

With Codecademy, we think we can bring the power of programming to everyone. That's why we're working with more companies you likely interact with every day, in order to show you how programming can affect your workflow and daily life.

Check out the lessons here.

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