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Joe McNally is a renowned American photographer who has worked for publications like National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Time.

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McNally is in Australia to hold a series of workshops, keynote presentations and seminars across the country, over the coming month.

The one-day workshop, which is also being held in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast, covers the fundamentals of working with light in order to best capture a series of subjects, with McNally providing personal one-on-one tuition throughout the event, as well as group guidance. There's plenty of advanced lighting equipment to use on the day, including camera flashes, Nikon SLRs such as the D800 and D4, reflectors and professional studio lights.

His approach to lighting is particularly organic, and McNally is a big advocate of "thinking inside the box" — that is, working with what you have. You don't need to have experience working with flashes to take part in the workshop; just a love for photography and to know your way around your camera in manual exposure mode.

To find out about locations and events, visit the Through the Lens website.

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