Lego Olympics: sporting triumphs re-enacted in stop-motion

From Usain Bolt's blazing 100-metre dash victory to the women's gymnastics competition, memorable Olympics moments can be viewed in the form of stop-motion Lego action.

South Korean fencer Shin Lam in Lego form.
(Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Somebody contemplated the Olympics and thought, "sure, this is exciting and all, but what it really needs is to be re-enacted with interlocking pieces of plastic". The Lego Olympics were born.

The stop-motion videos from The Guardian range from memorable moments like Usain Bolt's victory in the Fastest Man Alive competition, to Shin Lam's sit-down fencing protest.

The women's fencing semi-final takes place with Lego Storm Trooper helmets as fencing masks, a feature I would like to see applied to the real-life sport.

The Lego Olympics scrubs the sweat, grimaces and tears from the competition, but we do get all the excited commentary, crowd noises and slow-motion replays.

All things considered, the movement of the Lego characters does a surprisingly good job of conveying the thrill of victory and the sorrow of defeat.

We're already dealing with tape-delay broadcasts of some of the top Olympics events. Why not wait just a little longer for the Lego version?


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