Lego unveils first-ever Haunted House set

It's not Halloween yet, but don't tell Lego that.

The interior of the new Lego Haunted House set, which will debut in September.
(Credit: Lego)

The global toymaker has unveiled its US$180 Lego Haunted House set that will be part of its Monster Fighters line, which it plans to launch in September. According to the company, the new set has three floors of "creepy creations and ghastly ghouls", and features a hidden staircase, an attic gramophone, spider webs, and broken floorboards.

All this, of course, would endanger any visitor, if the set was a real house. But while you won't be able to step inside the haunted house, six special mini-figures that the set comes with can be placed inside. Those six are Lord Vampyre and his bride, two glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Monster butler and Zombie chef.

The Lego Haunted House set features six creepy mini-figures — two glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Lord Vampyre and his bride, Monster butler and Zombie chef.
(Credit: Lego)

It's hard to say why Lego decided to start selling this set in September, rather than waiting until closer to Halloween. But those who are old enough to play with it — Lego suggests that it is aimed at those 14 and up — will have 2064 pieces with which to create creepy mayhem.


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