Legoflex: a DIY twin-lens reflex camera

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An enterprising photographer has created a Lego camera based on the design of a classic twin-lens reflex camera — and it works.

The Legoflex
(Credit: CL Salicath)

CF Salicath's Legoflex was inspired by the design of a Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera and is made entirely out of Lego, using 120 film. It's not the first camera of its type built from the plastic bricks — Cary Norton crafted a 4x5-inch large-format camera of his own, and there's also a digital version for sale over at ThinkGeek.

Where Salicath's model differs is in the detail. Twin-lens reflex cameras have two lenses, with one acting as the viewfinder and the other forming the image. The 4x5-inch camera that Norton designed had no real moving parts, whereas the Legoflex needed various mechanisms to help take the image.

Using a pair of old binoculars as the lenses, Salicath built them in to a box so that they could be moved in and out, effectively acting as the focus mechanism. The viewfinder was crafted from his girlfriend's makeup mirror, which reflects light from the viewing lens, and Lego Technic parts were used to make the rewind mechanism.

The film mechanism.
(Credit: CL Salicath)

Salicath details the build of the Legoflex, as well as some sample photos, over at his blog post.

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