Legoland hotel opens brick doors to reservations

If I were a kid, I would probably have the date 7 May 2013 memorised like a video game cheat code. That's when the Legoland hotel in San Diego, California, opens its brick-adorned doors, ushering in the first Lego-themed auberge on the continent.

(Credit: Legoland)

Similar to the already-running Legoland hotel in Windsor, UK, the entire facade and interior of the hotel features Lego elements from head to toe. Upon arriving, kids will surely gasp at a Lego dragon near the entrance that emits real smoke when irritated. Another example of Lego flair can be found in the lobby, where 6000 Lego mini-figures stand neatly lined up behind the concierge desk.

Guests can stay in one of 250 rooms and choose between themes such as pirate, kingdom or adventure, each tying into their various related Lego product lines. The accommodations offer themed bedding and other theme-related ornaments, as well as a nice chunk of Legos to play with. Adults get a queen-size bed, while up to three younglings sleep in an adjacent room with a bunk bed. Each room also comes with a treasure chest, which does not open until the occupants solve a series of riddles implanted in the room. Why do kids get all the cool stuff these days?

The premium pirate-themed room at the upcoming Legoland hotel in San Diego.
(Credit: Legoland)

Amenities at the upcoming Legoland hotel include several interactive play areas, shopping, a swimming pool, a Bricks restaurant and a skyline bar.

Those seeking to reserve a room can do so via the Legoland hotel website, which just recently started accepting reservations. The nightly fee includes admission to the Legoland California resort, Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland water park, as well as breakfast.

I did a test run to see how much a room would cost per night for two adults and two children during the introductory month, and saw an average of US$509 a night on weekdays, while the weekend bumped it up to US$609. Premium rooms — which include more elaborate decorations and an additional treasure chest — cost about US$80 more than standard.

Want to see the Legoland California hotel under construction? Check out this live construction cam.


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