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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Leica's $35,000 titanium M9 camera

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What can you get for AU$35,000? A car or three, a deposit on a house, or one of these Leica M9 cameras.

That's the estimated cost of the latest M9 Titanium camera, designed by Walter de'Silva, chief designer from Volkswagen. Keeping the car theme going even further, the camera is housed not just in a titanium shell, but also has Nappa leather usually found inside an Audi.

On show at Photokina 2010, this little baby will be limited to just 500 units worldwide, of which we'll probably see just 10 make it to Australia — and according to a Leica representative, they're likely to be snapped up quickly. Paired with a 35mm f/1.4 lens, also made entirely of titanium, no wonder it was kept behind plate glass at the photography expo.

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Phaedrius Antonius posted a comment   

I don't agree that this camera is overpriced or that it will be no different to a nikon/canon point and shoot. The full frame sensor alone will put paid to that argument, let alone the superb, unbeatable Leica Glass. Sometimes, like horseflesh, you get what you pay for. No point whining about feeding entire villages etc etc. This camera is the best that a range finder type can ever be with a full APS-C sized sensor. Image quality is second to none.
It sure beats buying a car such as an A Class Mercedes or anything else in that range.
Frankly I am surprised that it is available and is affordable.


Ozoneocean posted a reply   

"horseflesh"? lol.
Genetics, recorded pedigree, and the uncertainties of breeding and very real reasons for that cost.
Not so much for manufactured items. This is a status symbol. Face it.


lewol posted a comment   

This kind of camera is for Leica collectors and for people with huge bank account, but if you want to purchase one just for a hobby forget it, it don't make any different shooting in a canon or nikon point and shoot.


Bullshit Detective posted a comment   

Rediculously over priced. Leica is overrated like a lot of crap we see out here. 35K can help feed an entire starving community. just plain stupid and shallow.


Ian posted a comment   

It is a beautiful camera. - Arik if are after one I would suggest contacting a Leica dealer ASAP as they will go fast. I know PhotoWholesers in SA stock Leica :)


Arik posted a comment   

the Design is a classic, which will be a collectible item. How to order one?

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