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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Let Kinect find the best denim for your derriere

Beam my butt, Scotty.
(Credit: Bodymetrics)

In your search for a great pair of jeans, you may end up becoming a pod person.

(Credit: Bodymetrics)

The Bodymetrics Pod, which launched in the United States during the Denim Days celebration at a Bloomingdale's department store in Los Angeles, uses Kinect for Windows to digitally ogle your curves and body map your butt. This is all in the name of hooking you up with a pair of jeans that will flatter you, rather than make it look like you crashed into a denim factory.

The Pod, first reported on by Creativity Online, is designed for privacy, so all the other customers don't have to stare at you in your skivvies while you're getting scanned.

There is still a human component to all of this. After you get scanned, Bodymetrics Stylists help you pick out your ideal jeans. Hopefully, they will have the good sense to steer you away from that hot-pink, acid-wash pair. Fitting well doesn't necessarily translate into looking good.

I have a fantasy that one day, thrift stores will all have Bodymetrics Pods that will match you up with the one gem among the hodgepodge of denim inventory on the racks. A girl can dream, right?


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