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The Pro805 frustrates as much as it innovates with a touchscreen interface and an interesting, iPhone-style app store.

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Design and features

The Lexmark Prestige Pro805 is a behemoth of a multifunction printer when you first take it out of the box: measuring 25x46.5x39.2cm and weighing 9.27kg it's certainly a large addition to any workspace. Along with the rest of the oddly-titled range (including such gems as the Impact, Prevail and Intuition — find us a printer that's intuitive and we'll eat our hat), the Pro805 is a wireless-enabled device that prints, scans and can even check the weather forecast for you. At AU$499, this printer does cost a pretty penny, so you'll want to make sure it's fully tailored to your needs before you fork out a wad of cash.

It's therefore evident that the Pro805 has a myriad of calling cards, but the most intriguing ace up its sleeve is the 4.3-inch web-enabled touchscreen that takes the place of the traditional colour TFT panel at the front of the device. With a sleek piano black finish, it certainly adds a touch of refinement to an otherwise conventional Lexmark printer design. With the Smart Solutions interface, you can download applications to install on the printer (such as RSS feeds, and one-touch printing for commonly used documents providing a computer is connected to the printer at the time). There's also an application that lets you view the closest retail location from which to purchase ink.

Connectivity is taken care of thanks to 802.11b/g/n or the standard Ethernet port at the back of the device. At the front alongside the touchscreen are standard PictBridge connections (though only for SD, Memory Stick, xD and MMC cards). At the back is the Ethernet port and USB cable connector if you don't feel like freeing yourself from cords. A novel addition for business people is the scanner's ability to read business cards and import contact details into a communications program of choice (such as Microsoft Outlook). There's automatic duplexing as well. The included cartridges are XL (high yield) consisting of three colours — magenta, cyan and yellow — and black. Paper consumables are loaded from the front of the device.


Taking the Pro805 out of the box is no easy task, as the printer is hidden beneath a layer of styrofoam, cords and instruction booklets (thank goodness that Lexmark chose to include physical copies of the documentation this time around, unlike some of its earlier printers). Included in the box is the printer itself, four cartridges, instruction manuals and networking guides, an installation CD and service guideline CD, USB cable and a protective/polishing cloth (presumably to wipe away those smudgy fingerprints from the touchscreen's surface). Installing the software and printer drivers took at least half an hour, with the printer needing to update its firmware not once, but twice during the set-up process.

The set-up process is the first time that you will encounter the touchscreen interface, and it certainly makes a good first impression. It's nice and responsive, and intuitive to use. It even gives a nice visual indication (complete with little animated bubbles!) to tell you the current ink tank levels.

This is where our admiration for the printer begins to wane. In our experience, there's always an aspect of a printer that proves frustrating, and for the Pro805 it wins the tearing hair award for having the most fiddly ink tanks. The tanks wouldn't snap into position on the printhead without a lot of jostling, abrasions and the odd expletive or two. An honorary mention has to go to paper jams as well — the Pro805 fed several sheets at once through the printer, making the paper get stuck as it passed through the device. There's no easy way to remove the paper either, so you'd better hope for some small hands to jam underneath the print tray to retrieve your treasured, crumpled sheet.

As for the Ethernet and wireless set-up, well, the less said the better. The printer intermittently connected to our network of choice, and then dropped out (regardless of the connection method) which was incredibly frustrating. Linking the device to the Smart Solutions website was also difficult with the printer constantly timing out when connecting to the site — and this wasn't an internet issue either as the printer kept verifying that it was connected to the internet. After the Smart Solution website required a printer firmware update (again) to allow the site to communicate with the printer, we thought at least this time it would be straightforward. Not so.

One of the elements that we tested was syncing the printer with the Smart Solutions website in order to download applications for the touchscreen. A week of struggling with the syncing process was met with many errors until finally after resetting the printer to its factory defaults, the printer finally synced and installed the applications we chose from the Smart Solutions website. Cue more hair loss here.

This printer isn't particularly fast — with our standard test document sent via the USB connection it took one minute, 13 seconds for the first page to emerge from the printer, with lengthy delays of 10 seconds or more between pages thereafter.

Fortunately, text quality with standard 12-point font was fairly good, though at larger sizes there was a small amount of smudging and banding across the text. Lexmark claims that the Pro805 can spit out a 10x15cm print in 24 seconds — we measured exactly double that time for a photo quality print on Lexmark's photo paper. The quality of the print was reasonable, but nowhere near lab quality with visible droplets and over-saturated colours.

Cost and consumables

One of Lexmark's perennial claims is how cheap it is to run one of their printers — 1¢ per page (black). You can find the nearest place to buy cartridges using one of the apps on the Smart Solutions interface. The Pro805 uses individual colour cartridges and one black cartridge, a shift away from the combined colour cartridges of old.

Service and support

Lexmark provides a three-year on-site exchange warranty. The Lexmark website also includes a number of downloads including driver updates for new operating systems. Support is via email or via a 1300 number which we had to call during the Smart Solutions debacle — fortunately, we can verify that the staff on hand are very nice to deal with and very patient. Pity there isn't an app for "Find the nearest wig shop".

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The next guy

The next guy posted a review   

The Good:Easy ink install, no fax, smart solutions a breeze

The Bad:Duplex paper jams on heavier grade paper.

I've been using the 805 for a few weeks now, having had the 905 at work for a few weeks more. I have to say that it is the best printer I have owned. Essentially, the 805 and 905 are identical with the exception of the 905 having an add-on fax and second paper tray.

The printer software was easy to install both on Mac and PC and the printer itself gave me all the instructions I needed to set up the unit. If anything, the process was too easy leaving me wondering what I've not done right and what I've skipped over. Even setting up the email account on the printer was a breeze.

Having read this review and some others around the net, I was concerned about installing the ink tanks. I have to say that either the reviewer was been way too careful or Lexmark read this review and decided to make a design change. I found the ink so easy to install. Pick the right colour slot, drop in and push down until the click. That is seriously how easy it was. Once the first one went click, it was easy to see where the rest would click. Granted, it's not quite the lovely levering mechanisms of some more frustrating printers but it sure as hell works!

As for the rest of the printer, the lack of fax is why there is the 905. Perhaps Lexmark should make an 855 to bridge the gap that the reviewer clearly feels is missing but for my money, I am satisfied that this printer will email me a scanned document in a wide variety of formats for me to fire away at any unsuspecting individual. Indeed, SmartSolutions made this quite easy also being able to set up buttons that would make one touch scanning to a desired email possible.

Access to the SmartSolutions site went well and without any of the hitches the reviewer encountered. I would imagine that Lexmark have lit a fire under their web solutions guys to get results having seen such unfavourable reviews. It is clearly obvious to me that the system that is currently in place works extremely well even if the majority of SmartSolutions themselves are a little bit superfluous for my purposes. That said, the ones I did see as being useful have proven to be very much so.

Having had a Samsung laser printer before, I was a bit concerned that the printer would be slow. I should say that my usage of printers in general is the occasional page or three from time to time. In comparison to the Samsung, printing off one page of whatever was faster than that of the Samsung due to the Samsung needing to warm up before each and every print job. The Lexmark got stuck in from the get go. Printing of multiple pages, of course gave the Samsung an edge but for my needs I have to say I'd rather the Lexmark. People, to me, put too much emphasis on printing time without considering how much they need to print. If you're in a big office environment, then speed will be a factor. Also, if you're printing 100 pages at a time, then speed will be a factor. However, if you are running a small office or a home office, this unit will well suffice and I firmly believe that this is exactly the market Lexmark were aiming at. So, in saying this printer is slow, well, you get what you pay for. You want lightning speed, well spend some more bucks (if that's what's important to your needs)!

The only negative I've encountered was when using duplex with heavier grade paper. At first everything was handled fine but then it all went wrong and it didn't get right. I still haven't figured it out but I also know that duplexing on any home/small office printer with heavy grade is a nightmare. (The aforementioned Samsung didn't even like printing normally on the stuff!)

Scanning/copying works fine and resolution is more than adequate for this price level. The document feeder also works well even with dodgy crumpled paper.

All in all, I'm a happy owner of both the 805 and 905 from Lexmark and can heartily recommend it to the smaller office and home user.


BONZO posted a review   

Just bought a lexmark pro 805,my first ever printer,set it up in 20 minutes,wirelessly,been running ok whole week since i had it,love it.

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  • The next guy

    The next guy


    "I've been using the 805 for a few weeks now, having had the 905 at work for a few weeks more. I have to say that it is the best printer I have owned. Essentially, the 805 and 905 are identical with..."




    "Just bought a lexmark pro 805,my first ever printer,set it up in 20 minutes,wirelessly,been running ok whole week since i had it,love it."

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