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It had to happen eventually -- meet the all-in-one printer, fax, scanner and copier with iPod style, AKA. the Lexmark X5470. Read our Australian review.

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With every generation of its market leading iPod personal music player, Apple's snipped a couple of millimetres off the size of the unit in just about every direction. Now, the physical laws relating to the conservation of energy state that all that extra mass has to have gone somewhere, and we reckon we've worked out where -- into Lexmark's X5470, a four-in-one printer, fax, scanner and copier that looks more than a touch like an iPod -- if iPods were capable of going on Super-Size-Me style eating binges of white plastic.

The physical design of a printer is usually your last concern when making a purchasing decision, simply because for the most part people don't spend time looking at printers. There's also not that much you can do with a unit that has to accept paper of certain sizes and incorporate certain functions, and these two factors have allowed printer companies to get away with units that were frighteningly ugly in the past. As such, while we're unlikely to take the X5470 home to meet mother, it's still a printer we wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen out in public with. Everyone knows that it's all to do with a printer's personality, anyway.

The X5470 is a four-in-one multifunction centre of the type that's quickly becoming the norm in the printer market. As a stock printer it's a four-colour model, although an optional 6-colour photo cartridge is also available. The onboard optical scanner works at a resolution of up to 600x1200 dpi, which is decent but not spectacular for this level of home/SOHO MFC, and the fax is a 33.6Kbps model. Lexmark rates the X5470's print speed at up to 25 pages per minute in draft black and 18 pages per minute in draft colour; colour levels beyond that see the rated speeds drop to 15 and 5 pages per minute respectively.

From a connectivity viewpoint, the X5470 uses a USB type B connector for straight PC connection, and is capable of using the optional wired or wireless ethernet adaptors, although Lexmark will slug you extra for those. It's PictBridge compatible, and comes with photo card slots for CF, SD/MMC, xD and Memory stick media cards.

On the software side, the X5470 ships with a driver CD that also includes simple photo editing and scanning software; as with most MFCs in this price range it's functionally capable software, but anyone wanting anything but simple solutions would be better served with any of a number of consumer-level image editing software options, such as the recently released Photoshop Elements 5 or Paint Shop Pro PHOTO XI.

Setting up the X5470 was suitably simple; it's been quite a long time since we've seen a printer that didn't come with straightforward installation instructions, and the software install is likewise quite straightforward. Once we got into printing, we found that the X5470 did very well on straight black prints, which it delivered with a solid level of quality and at quite a nice speed. There's always a disconnect between the real world and claimed speeds of printers, if only because the average consumer rarely spends all day just printing reference documents in draft mode. In our tests we found it capable of around 10ppm for full coverage black, which is acceptably close to the stated 15ppm. Likewise, draft black printing revealed an average page speed of around 20ppm, within a tolerable grasp of the stated 25ppm speed. Colour pages can vary even more widely, especially as consumer colour coverage can vary from a simple colour letterhead to full-on colour and photo pages. Again, we came within tolerable levels of the claimed page rates, where we managed around 2.5ppm in full colour coverage for a A4-sized picture print on plain paper. We didn't have access to the optional photo cartridge for our tests, so we can't comment on photo printing speeds.

We only hit one quirk with the X5470 during our test period, and that was one that's all too common in consumer-level printers. Whenever the paper tray was loaded with more than just a couple of sheets of paper, we'd find that it was prone to paper jams, which became more prevalent the more paper we loaded into the tray. As noted, this is hardly a unique problem, and generally the printer itself would warn us before we had to drastically unkink any paper, but it's a worthwhile matter to note.

Lexmark covers the X5470 with a one-year, next business day replacement policy for customers on the eastern seaboard of Australia; those living in slightly more westbound or obscure directions still get the one year but may have to wait a little longer for replacement units according to company representatives.

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Papa posted a comment   

The Good:Only good with first set of ink cartridge after that it is a money drain

The Bad:Very expensive printer cartridge costed me $80 for x5400 series and it cant work on x5495

Never buy Lexmark. Not for a home use! Cannot not use bidget ink refill


jojo posted a comment   

The Good:Good looking, but nothing good in it

The Bad:Even the original cartridge (specially the colour) doesn’t work after awhile.....

Don’t buy Lexmark....too expensive (service, part and it cartridge), no after sell support and it doesn’t work with vista..Let alone with window 7 next times.......


Lexmark X5470 posted a comment   

this printer keeps stuffing up on me n cant get the cords to work properly..
i bought it off a mate of mine n the F***** thing dnt even work!!
im so angry coz she wnt give me the money back


scottbhoy posted a review   

Cant get the scanner to work with Vista tried everything from downloading new drivers and phoning the tech team


Anonymous posted a review   

The Good:inexpensive

The Bad:poor print quality
poor software

It worked fine with Vista for just over a year... then the software suddenly stopped working. Updating the driver failed to solve the problem. Print quality was poor even when it did work. Copies made with the scanner were ok, but copies made using the document feeder were awful. I never had a problem with the printer jamming, although I never filled the tray to capacity.


wondrinfree posted a review   

The Good:Nothing! never ever buy Lexmark.

The Bad:You will be limited to their over priced own brand ink

What a fantastic scam Lexmark have conned us with. Cheap printer with very expensive ink. They've added software which only allows Lexmark ink to be used. They are laughing at us. I wish I had never bought it.

lexmark x5470

lexmark x5470 posted a review   

The Good:fax is ok

The Bad:poor scanner. terrible as a printer and expensive ink.

stops printing after half page. choose other printer.


rongnghe posted a review   

The Good:Well when it wants to it prints...

The Bad:It randomly turns on and off at any given time it chooses. Which is terrible at 2 in the morning.

Phantom Noises...


teri posted a review   

The Good:Can't install the dang thing to find out if there is any.....

The Bad:Can't install it and tech support - which the calls are routed to India - they are of no help and they disconnected me twice.

I am having the exact same problem as you Wes. I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support and they told me to take my computer in to update the USB driver. I shouldn't have to do that!
Is there any other solution? My computer is only 4 years old - this is ridiculous.

kingfisherman 125

kingfisherman 125 posted a review   

it dont work on vista been trying since dec trying to get your tecto fix it is a joke even the phone no they gave me was false check it out for youself

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User Reviews / Comments  Lexmark X5470

  • Papa


    "Never buy Lexmark. Not for a home use! Cannot not use bidget ink refill"

  • jojo


    "Don’t buy Lexmark....too expensive (service, part and it cartridge), no after sell support and it doesn’t work with vista..Let alone with window 7 next times......."

  • Lexmark X5470

    Lexmark X5470

    "this printer keeps stuffing up on me n cant get the cords to work properly..
    i bought it off a mate of mine n the F***** thing dnt even work!!
    im so angry coz she wnt give me the mone..."

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