LG 84-inch ultra-def TV launches

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LG has launched the world's first 84-inch "ultra-definition" commercial TV into the Korean marketplace.

LG's 84-inch 3D UDTV
(Credit: LG)

The new television boasts a 3840x2160 or quad full high-definition (QFHD) resolution, which groups it with the other displays competing in the burgeoning 4K space.

"The 4K display market is still in its infancy, but it was important for LG to claim a stake in this space," said the chief executive of LG Electronics Home Entertainment, Havis Kwon.

The unit is 3D enabled and uses LG's Triple XD Engine as well as a Resolution Upscaler, which will allow images from external sources to be rendered in higher detail.

The 3D UDTV also features a 2.2-speaker system, with two 15W sub-woofers and two 10W speakers. As a smart TV, it will have access to LG's range of 1400 apps and come with the latest Magic Remote.

Retailing at 25 million won, or a little over AU$21,000, the TV is unlikely to be flying off the shelves, but it's a clear demonstration of LG's commitment to the next generation of televisions, and the push for 4K from the industry as a whole.

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Gummy82 posted a comment   

Anyway about the price think of it for what it is because I do the same for stereo stuff. For example DCS make a CD player for $250,000. Remember now it's JUST a CD player. It may be good but $250,00 worth of goodness? No chance. So basically is this TV actually worth $21,000 or is it just an outrageous rip off? It may be good but $21,000 for a TV. I don't think so. Except of course for all the Bill Gates. Oh I'm sorry there's only one of those :oP. There are other rich people out there but you get my point ;o).


Gummy82 posted a comment   

Yet another item made only for the rich people. How many rich people are there in your city, town or whatever? How many of those people would actually buy it? Think of profits... If it was fairly priced then a LOT more people would buy it meaning MORE profits. How many kick **** TV's would sell for $3,000 compared to one selling for $21,000? Stupid companies don't think about that. As always greed dominates all.

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