LG adds 3D gaming to smart TV range

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Five new 3D casual games have been launched for the LG 2012 Cinema 3D TV series.

Some of the titles being offered by LG
(Credit: LG)

LG has apparently "handpicked" the five titles to be launched into the local market for their "playability". The current list of games are Air Penguin, Downhill Bowling 2, Frisbee Forever, Burn the City and Diversion, with more being released throughout September.

Brad Reed, LG's Senior Marketing Manager for Content and Services, said that the arrival of the games fulfilled LG's "commitment in showcasing the potential of smart TV as a genuine 3D gaming platform".

According to the release from LG, the games are delivered in 2D, which is then converted to 3D by the display. The remote then acts as a motion controller for the game.

The titles are available from the LG SmartWorld section on the TV, and are priced from AU$2.96 (Downhill Bowling 2) up to AU$5 (Burn the City).

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