LG bending limits of e-reader design with flexible displays

Companies have toyed with the idea of flexible displays for years, but LG is finally putting them into production. Are ebook readers about to get a radical makeover?

(Credit: LG)

It appears LG is making good on its promise to bring flexible displays to ebook readers, as the Korean consumer electronics company revealed that it has started mass production of the "world's first" plastic electronic paper display (EPD).

The screen measures 6 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. It can bend at a range of 40 degrees from the centre of the screen, and it's also about one-third thinner and half as light as current glass EPDs, LG says, meaning it'll be even easier to carry than the ebook readers today.

LG also cites durability as a benefit of its plastic EPD. The company ran numerous stress tests on the display, including dropping it from a height of about 5 feet and hitting the screen with a small urethane hammer (how do I get this job?), and saw no damage. Presumably, this means you could toss your reader into your bag sans case without fear of scratching up the display.

The company says we could see products with its plastic EPDs as early as next month in the European market, and though LG is focusing on ebook readers for now, it's looking to incorporate the technology into other products in the future.

Sang Duck Yeo, head of operations for LG Display's Mobile and OLED division, said in a release, "Based on our success in mass-producing plastic [EPDs], we are excited as we look toward applying concepts from this experience to future developments like plastic OLED and flexible displays".

Could we finally see electronic newspapers a la Minority Report? What do you guys think about bendable displays on your tech gadgets?


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JaredT1 posted a comment   

How many people are going to buy theses and immediately break them by "proving" to their mates how bendable it is. Just another con from LG; great idea but typically will be released before any real research has gone into it. Wonderful how a shiny product and lots of advertising about how good it is means mindless consumers will buy it "because it is good" LG said so!


JasonM4 posted a comment   

As a consumer and an Indie author, I'm excited about this.

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