LG G Pro 2 to sport rear-button design

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Leaked photos of LG's upcoming G Pro 2 suggest the phone will have a little more in common with the G2 than its predecessor.

(Credit: DC Inside)

The photos come via Korean site DC Inside and show a phone with the same rear power button and volume control configuration as the LG G2. The white phone also sports some chrome highlights.

LG has confirmed that the Pro 2 is on its way, with a formal reveal expected at Mobile World Congress in February.

The LG G2 had the buttons on the rear to allow for a thin-bezel design, packing in a 5.2-inch screen into a remarkably slight frame. If the G Pro 2 has the same design, it's likely to be using a similar screen technology and also means the battery will be non-removable.

In fact, the spec rumours suggest this could be a quite powerful phone: 6-inch 1080p HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM, and support for both LTE and LTE-Advanced connectivity.

We'll have to wait for the end of February to see what LG show off at MWC, but our fingers are crossed for a native KitKat experience rather than Android 4.3.

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