LG's HR929T offers twin HD tuners and a 1TB hard drive, along with 3D Blu-ray playback and LG's own Smart TV services.

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The HR929T is a combination Blu-ray player and PVR from LG.

The unit sports twin high-definition TV tuners, letting you record two different shows at the same time, and a 1TB hard drive to store them on.

The Blu-ray player is 3D and fully BD-Live compliant for access to the Bonus View content on discs. The payer also has LG's Smart Hub installed, letting you take advantage of the range of LG Smart TV apps, no matter what panel you actually use.

Finally, the HR929T has Wi-Fi Direct for file sharing, and full DLNA support.

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EdN Facebook

"Ok but only because i got it discounted by accident"

EdN posted a review   

The Good:Brilliant colour ouput, allowed me to get green colour correct for the first time on my samsung tv

The Bad:GUI user features sadly lacking what i had on my old (dead) pvr.

Bluray player and 3D but not really able to test 3D function at this time.
Relatively easy setup for tuner.
Contrast and brightness output levels are great with below black level and above white level (for those into TV settings/adjustments and products) being output which results in a brilliant picture when using standard mode. Far beats what the xxx could do. No matter how i tried the contrast, bright, colour never looked the best feeding the old PVR into a my TV. Fishing never looked as brilliant as it does now on TV.
Has user mode for refining these settings but took a while to find.
Price was good for 1T unit, though by accident I got this 1T unit for the price of the 500G unit.
White display LED panel not blue so night viewing of TV is not a distraction like the P1 was.
Got internet problems from this unit? The smart test option shows where the problem is, but not how to fix it. But at least it can be some help sorting out any problems.
Free applications that can be downloaded with free registration to LG if done from the 929T.
System updates are done online. LG support site says updates can be done via usb drive if you don’t have internet and you get one of your kids/friend etc. to bring you the update file
Recorded programs preview layout is pretty good providing an image of the program, even if that image has nothing to do with what you intended on recording, ie if you recorded CSI but football was still on at the start of the recording you get a picture of the football segment. You also get 3 layout options to view your recordings, which is pretty good actually.
Does warn you if you attempt to record more than 2 programs in overlapping timeslots.

Can edit/enter a new name for a recorded program BUT does not display the original name for you to add to it eg on the old PVR if ABCD was the name of the program.. go to rename and just add at the end .. wife... but now i have to enter in a blank box .. ABCD.. WIFE.

The Bad
This LG unit does not have JUMP forward, jump back etc. The LG only has FF, FR which is going to be a pain jumping commercials, it’s like going back to the VCR days.. Argghhhhhh… Now you can jump commercials with the info button scroll to timer and use the up button and jump by the minute or actually enter your guess like 4200 if you want to go to the 42:00 minute mark. Cumbersome but works

No manual BOOKMARKS option whilst watching recorded programs. Really, trust me!!! Remembers last played location IF and ONLY IF, you DO NOT do one of two things, 1. Exit the record list and say go to normal TV or 2. Go to another recorded program then you come back to your previous one expecting it to go back to where you left off, NOPE starts right at the start again. Work around is to use the INFO button, go to time set and manually set the record counter time forward to where you think you were up too.... hope this gets fixed soon.

NO post padding or pre-padding option on recording programs. I would guess most ppl know by now that TV programs seldom run on time. The old PVR allowed me the menu option of adding pre and post padding times. So i had always allowed 5 min earlier start and an extra 10min at the end . If I needed more time due to special concerns over late night programs ,then i jumped into the recording list and manually added more time ( and it kept the original program name too).
When in guide mode and you set an intended recording, that recorded program will get the title of what you have set, BUT, if you go into recording LIST and extend the time, the channel number appears to replace the program name.
If you happen to only be using the GUIDE function and you select a 3rd program to record that is in the same timeslot that you have already set recording programs for, the 929T will show the other 2 programs but there is NO option replace one of the other two timers. You I have to manually go into timer list and delete one of the other programs then come back to GUIDE to find your new program and set your newer choice up again.
No chase play on this 929 model. Recorded program does not show up on the recorded list until timer is finished. Turning to the actual channel halfway through a program that you know you are recording but you can’t go backwards to the start.
And most disappointing is…. My old pvr would occasionally drop recordings. Imagine my surprise for the 929 that does something similar. Here is how to make it happen. Have one or two programs in being recorded. Decide to go play a video on an external drive, now the LG sometimes forgets to render the sound, so I exit the external drive then to go back into the external drive, now it plays.
BUT lo and behold at the time of exiting it turns out somehow it stopped the recording then restarted it again, so I only had the last 10 minutes of the recorded program.
I actually tried to take this unit back to the seller but no go. So I’m stuck with it until one of two things happens. LG provides better software options or two I save up and buy a brand like the one I had before.
No browser options and no way to add any option such. E.g. no way to use this unit to find Ch. TEN website so I can watch the program that the 929T stuffed up for me.
You cannot delete a pre-recorded program if the 929T is currently recording a program.
Menu option does not allow deletion whilst recording. My work around is to rename the recorded file with the initial “d” and when I have time and there is no recording going I delete all the files titled “d”, and yes you can have multiple files named “d”.
Time shifting whilst watching TV sort of works. If nothing is being recorded by the 929T then time shift works on the watched program ie pause, rewind, play etc. BUT, if you have even just one program being currently recorded then there is no time shifting available.
As of 12/11/2012 there have been no updates fixing any of these issues.
So if you do more than just record the odd program this is my current update request for LG.

1. Manual bookmark feature whilst watching pre-recorded programs
2. Remember last played position (automatically) of ANY pre-recorded program.
3. Provide Pre and Post padding as a fixed menu option.
4. Keep the original program name when extending the time in rec list mode. STOP PRESS...A quick test on new update. If you go to check what recording you set up and scroll across to the OK button (instead of using the BACK button) program title changes to the station number.
5. Tried increasing the time on a preprogramed timer. Instead of adding to the current selection it creates a new recording timer, now i have two recording timers shown for the same time slot only one has the extra 10 min i put on it.. This is so basic that i presume there is something i have missed here. I'm sure LG will explain.
6. Would like a check HDD function that can be manually invoked, at some time the hard drive will run into fragmentation problems. Perhaps this is handled behind the scene.. Not sure.
7. Please LG, provide jump option that i can set, you have the up/down/left/right arrows doing nothing. Please provide jump option that is user time set.
8. Provide chase play on a recording already in progress.
9. Provide an internet browser feature
10. Allow/enable time shifting on ch being watched even when another program is currently being recorded.

Footnote. I have no association with any company mentioned or not, in my comments. Just a humble user of electronics. Whilst i have done my best to get this right, any error is due to lack of time these days. Please feel free to advise of any errors or updates.

MattR1 Facebook

"After having SD PVR I hope I can find another with those options in HD. The LG doesnt even come close."

MattR1 posted a review   

The Good:its the same brand as our TV and can share remotes.

The Bad:It doesnt do what you want. It fails in so many places.

This is a fantastic review. I just bought a LG HR929T and when selecting it spoke to the sales men. As we had an old SD PVR and it was so simple to use. We have used others and encountered the problems above.
We were assured the new ones are all the same and all work well.

My horror when it appeared to have all the failures we were worried.
Major faults as above,
No book marks.
Once recording can't watch another channel and pause live TV.
Difficult to navigate.
Can't extend recording time when networks run late, (They always run late and you miss then of the show)

Its getting returned today.

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