LG leads a quartet of L-Series phones into Oz

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There's been radio silence from LG Mobile in Australia for most of 2012, but now it'll be turning things around by launching four new Android-powered smartphones onto numerous carriers over the next few weeks.

Brand ambassador Eric McNaught spicing up the budget phone category.
(Credit: LG)

Telstra will soon range the L3 for AU$99 with a prepaid SIM. Optus has already begun to sell the L7, while the L5 and L2 will be available later in August through Boost Mobile.

Each handset has incrementally varying specifications, with the L7 hosting the best of the specs: a 4.3-inch LG Nova display and 1GHz processor. You can read our full review of the LG L7 here. The L5 and L3 step down in size and power, to a 4-inch screen on the L5 and a 3.2-inch screen on the L3. Both are powered by 800MHz processors.

The L2 is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, being one of the first dual-SIM phones to be made available in Australia by one of the major manufacturers. For AU$119, users of the L2 can install two different SIM cards, and make and receive calls on both numbers at the same time.

L7 L5 L3 L2
1GHz processor 800MHz processor 800MHz processor 800MHz processor
Android 4 (ICS) Android 4 (ICS) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
4.3-inch screen 4-inch screen 3.2-inch screen 3.2-inch screen
AU$269 (Optus) AU$199 (Boost) AU$99 (Telstra) AU$119 (Boost)
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Will1505 posted a comment   

Telstra already has the L3, and i have to say, it is a awful phone. The screen is terrible (reminds me of the original HTC wildfire) and a 800MHz processor means nothing when the LG overlay is god awful slow.


lasysun posted a comment   

good to see some new well priced mobiles from LG

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