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LG is hoping that this good-looking GPS unit with text-to-speech technology will entice you away from the established names in the field.

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LG is hoping to muscle its way into the burgeoning market for portable GPS devices with the AU$549 LN500 and AU$649 LN800 models.

With its brushed metal-look front and slim design -- at just 18mm thick, LG claims it's the slimmest portable GPS device in Australia -- the LN500 looks pretty good. Complimenting this, it has a series of three buttons along the left-hand edge of its 3.5-inch, 320x200 touch-screen LCD for menu/power and volume control. Its rechargeable battery is rated at four hours.

While we'd prefer something a little more grunty than its 276MHz Atlas II processor, it does have 64MB of onboard memory and comes pre-loaded with the nigh-on-ubiquitous Sensis maps of Australia. The biggest on-paper highlight of the LN500, and the pricier LN800, is its text-to-speech technology, which enables it to read out street names. Replacing anonymous instructions, like "turn left in 300 metres", with "turn left in 300 metres onto George Street" should help us keep our eyes on the road.

The LN500 is based on Windows CE and, as such, it offers built-in MP3 playing and photo viewing functionality. We're not entirely convinced that punters really care much about these features in portable GPS units, though.

Yet another big name is trying to muscle its way into Australia's portable GPS market. Whether LG has done enough to entice punters away from established names like Mio, Garmin and TomTom is something we can only determine in a year's time. Although, kicking off with a good looking unit like the LN500, is a good way to start.

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Silva posted a comment   

The Good:Easy to use

The Bad:Where's the map updates????

I like it, but it'll be a throw away soon - need to be able to update maps.


makeitright posted a review   

The Good:well its small tofit in ur pocket
you can extend te memory of it by memory card

The Bad:cannot reconise country roads ,always sent me the wrong way ,out by 400m ,cannot update it CRAP

can not get properly where i want to get .always (route recalculation)


mrfoameruk posted a review   

The Good:absolutly none

The Bad:lg have produced a stinker and i will endeavor never to buy lg again. once they sell a unit they should give some support even for a couple of years. perhaps they tought i'd go out and buy a newer lg unit. no way, i like my money.

no software update. after 1 year this unit is now going into the bin.what a waste of money.


HELP posted a review   

I just want to be able to use , cannot put music and photos on the GPS .
Its extremely frustrating . HELP !!!!!


Me posted a review   

cheap thing ....confuse me a lot of time! and by the way u can NOT opdate it !!!! TERRIBLE!!!

mario pardo

mario pardo posted a review   

The Good:none

The Bad:cant update maps not suited for country roads

would not tell any body about . as it is worth less all that for nothing thanks LG


Casho63 posted a review   

The Good:Text to speech

The Bad:Text to speech is US or IK ONLY. No updates

Useless. You cannot update it. The software that comes with the unit has NO field for updating. There is no update info or for that matter, no info at all on LG's website.


steenkamp.family posted a review   

The Good:Easy to use, accurate, love the text to speech

The Bad:touch screen characters on the small side

I love it...being new to Melbourne this device has really helped us out.


gizmo posted a review   

Easy to set up and use

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