LG NetCast transforms into Smart TV

(Credit: LG)

Yet another IFA-related announcement from LG, this one sees the company's NetCast web content streaming function undergoing a complete overhaul.

The new Smart TV system, due in 2011, promises four unique propositions (easy, fun, more and better) for consumers using a centralised home dashboard, a slew of TV applications and a Wiimote-like Magic Motion remote.

The home dashboard promotes ease of use by providing instant access to content and apps on a single landing page. The firm's Magic Motion remote enables "point-and-click" capability and advanced interactivity for programs such as an on-screen colouring book. There will be more content sharing ranging from uploading of user-generated media to wireless remote streaming from the TV to gadgets.

LG plans to showcase a selection of services such as YouTube and video-on-demand Maxdome at the Berlin trade show running from 3 to 8 September. Furthermore, the firm will be collaborating with key content providers to beef up its TV app offerings, including the possibility of pay TV subscriptions. That said, the new Smart TV system bears a close resemblance to Samsung Apps as featured on TVs like the plasma C7000.

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