LG offers Kinect TV bundle in Australia

Gamers looking forward to sampling Microsoft's controller-free technology Kinect are counting down to the motion-sensing control system's launch on 18 November. The publisher has already announced a host of launch titles for the system, including EA Sports Active 2, Dance Central, Sonic Free Riders, Child of Eden and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

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Now, ahead of Kinect's launch in Australia, consumer electronics manufacturer LG has announced a promotion that pairs new LG TV owners with a free Kinect bundle. Customers who purchase one of the participating LG TVs listed on the promotion site between 1 November and 31 December 2010 will be able to claim a Kinect Bundle. According to LG, the bundle will contain a new Xbox 360 4GB console, a Kinect sensor, a wireless controller, composite AV cables, Kinect Adventures, Forza Motorsport 3, Fable II and a one-month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The offer is limited to the first 10,000 validated claims received by LG or until the promotion ends on 31 December. After making the purchase, customers will need to register on the promotional site and then mail a copy of their purchase receipt, serial number of the LG product and claim form within 14 days of making the purchase. They must then agree to pay AU$39 for postage and handling of the bundle and allow approximately 10 weeks for it to be delivered. LG also specified that the promotion includes online purchases, excluding third-party online resellers such as eBay.

Those not interested in forking out for a new television to add the Kinect kit to their Xbox 360 will have to pay AU$199 to purchase it as a stand-alone.

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Danny posted a comment   

I will be getting the LG 60PX950 Plasma, when I move into the new house, I can't wait to get this TV.

Panasonic's black levels which will go beyond the Samungs.

There VT25/is our VT20.

BOND8585:It doesn't rise to samsung levels...

D-Nice: You're right, they will go beyond the Samsungs.

BOND8585: Nah

D-Nice: You are more than welcome to believe what you want. Engineering and real world data says otherwise.

D-Nice: Perhaps I need to clarify one portion of my post. When I spoke of Engineering, I was referring to Panasonic Engineering. Now, if you feel that you know more about a VT25 compared to Panasonic Engineering, well..........

BOND8585: What has Panasonic engineering said exactly that's specific? There really hasn't been anything to go on other than real world tests because Panasonic is vague in their responses on this topic. I haven't seen any VT25 results as of yet that show their black level performance becoming worse than the 2010 Samsung's.

D-Nice: Well sit back, relax and wait. You will see. Here is my "I told you so" in advance.


D-Nice: Either you have never worked on a C8000 and/or do not have the equipment to properly measure the black level. One will measure a higher black level if Cinema Smooth is turned On (Just like the 2009 Samsungs).... which David @ CNet did. Additionally, the 50" model has a higher black level compared to the 58" and 63" models. I've done around 10 of these Samsungs and I consistently get 0.009-0.01fL for the 50" model and 0.007-0.008fL for the 58/63" models. If you require data, I will be happy to oblige. BTW, I get the same numbers for the C7000 plasmas.
link: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=19424155#post19424155


what the??? posted a comment   

10 weeks... I know some postal services are slow, but that is taking the mickey.

I would purchase something cheaper and with what I would have buy the Kinect maybe...

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