LG Optimus G is a mobile powerhouse

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LG has officially unveiled its next Optimus-branded phone, a handset with attention-grabbing specifications.

(Credit: LG)

The new Optimus G will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich when it launches, and is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and — wait for it — 2GB of RAM. It also packs in a new Adreno 320 graphics processor, which has performed well in preview benchmarks.

LG opts for a 4.7-inch LCD display with 720p resolution, but where this display deviates from screens we've seen before is in the use of new in-cell touchscreen tech, where the touch component is built in to the LCD panel, negating the need for a separate touch layer. This makes for thinner phones, and it presumably helps to reduce the gap between the panel and the glass, resulting in a better, more vibrant picture.

It's just a shame that LG's designers are still on holidays. A phone with this much horsepower really deserves a unique and highly desirable design. Instead, we get the same flat, black boxes that we've seen repeatedly from LG over the past few release cycles.

LG will release the G in Korea next month, followed by Japan. There's no word yet as to when we might expect this superphone down under, but our fingers are crossed for sooner rather than later.

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Medca7 posted a comment   
United States



t.sull posted a comment   

Shame it is rectangular with rounded edges...Apple surely won't let it see the light of day.


tom0854 posted a reply   

Or the fact that it only comes in white or black, Apple probably has those colours patented too.


Will1505 posted a reply   

My first impression was that it looked like an S2 lol

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