LG readies 84-inch ultra-def TV for Australia

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LG's quad full high-definition TV will be launched into the local market in the coming months, taking on Sony in the 4K space.

LG's ultra-def TV at its recent launch in Korea.
(Credit: LG)

The 84-inch TV, which was launched in Korea late last month, will be competing against Sony's similarly specced Bravia 4K, which will be available "before Christmas". Both TVs have 3840x2160 resolution, or quad full HD, which is one of the many standards currently being bundled under the banner of 4K.

No further details have been released from LG, other than a notification of a launch announcement for October. Similarly, Sony has yet to announce local pricing of its 84-inch Bravia. Internationally, the LG TV is selling for the equivalent of AU$21,000, while in the US, the Sony TV has been priced at $25,000, or around AU$23,700.

It's unclear what, if anything, this means for LG's 55-inch OLED TV, which had been rumoured to be launching in October, although LG has been vague in when, or even if, Australians can expect to see the new technology. The 4K sets will undoubtedly be marketed as "premium products" with the price-tags to match, and it's unlikely that either Sony or LG will expect to ship high-volumes of the units. Whether more consumer-friendly models are on the horizon remains to be seen.

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