LG sells 300 84-inch TVs in Korea

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There have been 70 people a month willing to pay the cost of a new car for LG's Ultra HDTV offering.

(Credit: LG)

While the 84LM9600 has only be on sale in Australia since mid-November 2012, it's been 5 months since it launched in Korea.

In that time, the 25 million won (or AU$22,500) TV has sold 300 units, or around 70 a month, according to news site Chosun Ilbo.

Is that figure a lot or not enough? It's hard to tell with a premium product like this, but the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 was proof that manufacturers worldwide are keen to bring both the size and price down on Ultra HDTVs.

We checked in with LG Australia, and the spokesperson was unsurprisingly reticent to give exact figures:

While we cannot comment on sales volume at this stage, we are pleased to say that support for our 84-inch Ultra HDTV has been robust, and we are happy with what we are hearing through our sales network.

We expect OLED to prove to be the more popular TV technology, as least in the short term, and with LG's 55-inch OLED scheduled to be around AU$12,000, we'll be keeping a close eye on how that plays in the Australian market.

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