LG unveils world's first flexible OLED TV

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Where Samsung had an LED concept, LG has unveiled a production-ready, flexible OLED TV at CES.

(Credit: LG)

Everything's happening so fast, we're developing a case of the bends — the TV bends, that is. LG has just unveiled the world's first flexible OLED TV, a 77-inch model that can bend and unbend with the press of a button on the remote to provide either a curved or a flat-screen display.

This is pretty similar to Samsung's bending TV, with a couple of key differences: firstly, LG has provided an OLED display, where Samsung, bafflingly, had only LED; and secondly, Samsung's model was just a concept. LG's flexible TV will actually be hitting the market.

"LG's Flexible OLED TV is a product that has to be seen to be believed because it defies description," said Hyun-hwoi Ha, President and CEO of LG's Home Entertainment Company. "What curved is to flat, flexible is to curved. LG continues to lead the evolution of televisions into the next generation."

LG said that the TV has been subjected to tens of thousands of hours of testing to ensure that it is sturdy and reliable enough for the consumer market.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but the TV will be on display at LG's CES booth until 10 January.

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John McDoodle posted a comment   

Fantastic!!! Now, we can all play our TVs like Rolf Harris played his wobble board.
Consumers' needs are being satisfied at last

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