LG's 2012 TV range: voice control, WiDi, still pushing 3D

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LG unveiled its Australian TV range last night, showcasing the innovations that we first saw at CES, including Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, Dual-Play for gamers and some new advances in 3D.

The Cinema 3D flagship, the LM9600.
(Credit: LG)

The bulk of the range falls under the banner of Cinema 3D, referring to LG's new passive 3D panels, a shift away from the Active 3D offered by TVs last year. Passive 3D is similar to the experience you have in a movie theatre, with the obvious advantage of using glasses, which are lighter, cheaper and don't have batteries to recharge.

The new Magic Remote.
(Credit: LG)

LG also introduced a new Magic Remote accessory, which replaces the traditional numeric keypad of TV remotes with a new infrared mouse pointer, a mouse-like scroll wheel and a microphone for inputting voice commands. There are also some basic gesture controls, as well. The voice-control component uses Nuance Dragon technology to convert speech to text, similar to the Siri feature on the iPhone 4S, and is available in the top four Cinema 3D models.

Dual-Play is a unique feature that takes 3D to an interesting new place, offering gamers the chance to share a single TV by using glasses that only view one half of the polarised image. With the Dual-Play feature active, a split-screen game is automatically translated into two parts of a 3D image, and gamers wearing the Dual-Play glasses will only see the image for their part of the game. The best part is that the TV does all the work, so you don't need games that are designed specifically for Dual-Play or a new gaming console.

Connectivity continues to be a major touchstone for LG TVs, with most of the Cinema 3D range supporting DLNA media streaming and file browsing, plus Intel's new Wireless Display technology. Dubbed WiDi by LG, Wireless Display streams an image of the display from a compatible laptop to the TV, letting you share all content on a PC, rather than just certain multimedia types.

The flagship model is the LM9600, which comes in a single 55-inch model and features all of the goodies listed above. LG will have it in Aussies stores in May, with an AU$4599 RRP. The full Cinema 3D range, with sizes and prices, are listed in the table below.

Model Size Price
LM9600 55-inch $4599
LM8600 55-inch
LM7600 55-inch
LM6700 55-inch

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chaset posted a comment   

The dual play and magic remote looks good. I think this is gonna make the other brands want to catch up!


jmds posted a comment   

We bought a so called LG 3D TV model 47LW6500 last December and we found out that it was very dumb after all.It was not able to play most internet content as it has an obsolete Flash payer 8 installed and most content on the internet is Flash Player 10 or above.We were told by LG that it cannot be upgraded.We were sold a lemon on false pretences.We would like to take this opportunity to warn people to stay away from LG.


gregory.opera posted a comment   

As some readers already know, I only ever buy Sony, but I've gotta give it to LG, that "Dual Play" functionality is pretty innovative... I've seen a few videos on YouTube (unlike 3D, cameras can actually see the effect, apparently) and it's pretty impressive.


Billly2 posted a comment   

A good adaption of Dual Play would be to to have a built in feature to watch two AV sources ? TV Channels simultaneously and Splitting the Audio for the two sources so that Viewers using headphones connected to the split audio can watch say two TV channels simultaneously

My Son Anthony came up with this Idea.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

I actually asked an LG rep about exactly that. We all agreed it would be an awesome idea and surely not that hard to implement.


Im Batman posted a comment   

really nice set of features for this years TVs from LG, great write up.
Interesting how the focus of TV features has shifted... no mention of screen technology, contrast ratio and refresh rate.

The remote sounds promising, hopefully JB and the likes, will have the remote at hand with their demonstration units.
The biggest issue i have had with using remotes with Apps on smart TVs, is text input, i.e. you tube searches ... but maybe this is where WiDi will make a good addition.

Great to see WiDi coming to TVs, means that you are not forced to have a WiDi adaptor that you then connect to your TV... would be great to see this become a standard in Smart TVs. Intel really just needs to get this technology out to so a many devices, laptops, smartphones, tablets... even desktops should not miss out.

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