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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Light painting in bullet time

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Using light painting and a 24-camera array, a team of artists has produced some stunning, 360-degree photographs.

This is stunning. Like Insa's animated GIF graffiti, this is an artwork that can only be best appreciated when displayed animated on a screen.

Called 24x360, the work is a collaboration between artists Patrick Rochon, Timecode Lab and Eric Paré. The title refers to how the work was made: 24 cameras were rigged up in a 360-degree array, and fired while an artist painted with light around the model to create 360-degree views of the work.

Timecode Lab said:

24x360 is a purely artistic and experimental project using 24 cameras and light-painting techniques. The project was born after a very intense year mounting and unmounting our rig in live events. We then finally sat down at our studio to create inspiring 360-degree bullet-time pictures.

Check out more on the 24x360 website.


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