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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Little black dress is a wearable phone

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(Credit: Cute Circuit)

If you're always losing your phone, the M-Dress phone-frock hybrid could be the perfect solution.

Since we're fashion-conscious trend-setters over here at CNET Australia, we're always on the lookout for bodacious threads. If gadgetry is somehow integrated, even better!

Cue the M-Dress from Cute Circuit, a label that produces wearable electronics. The M-Dress combines two essentials: the little black dress and the mobile phone. According to the Cute Circuit website, ladies often miss calls due to rummaging around in a giant bag full of chocolate, make-up compacts and tissues; the M-Dress aims to take the guesswork out of locating a mobile phone.

The soft jersey dress has soft circuitry built in; the wearer simply pops in her SIM card and, when the dress rings, lifts her hand to her ear to answer the call. Dropping the arm back down hangs up the phone.

We can't see any buttons in the picture, though, so we're not entirely sure how outgoing calls work; never mind Facebook or cameras or any of the other million things people want their phone to do.

Is the world ready for wearable phones? Tell us your thoughts below.


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Jive Turkey posted a comment   

"lifts her hand to her ear to answer the call. Dropping the arm back down hangs up the phone."

I imaging that could cause problems if you're out dancing. What happens when you do the 'sprinkler'?
Seriously though, it wouldn't be a very good phone. Might be a good bluetooth hands-free though.


facebook posted a comment   

facebook connect!


twitter posted a comment   

twitter me

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