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Livescribe has updated its desktop software, and now lets users share their pencasts with a range of social media sites, smartphones, email accounts and Google Docs. Pencasts are now created as interactive PDF files, and can be shared with someone who does not have the LiveScribe desktop software installed.

Livescribe (Credit: Livescribe)

Over the last couple of years, Livescribe has been dragging the old pen and paper into the 21st century, giving handwritten notes a digital twist. Pencasts are unique files that include both handwritten information and audio recorded while the same notes were jotted down. Previous versions of the Livescribe software have allowed users to transfer files stored on their Livescribe pen to a PC and from the PC to a pencast sharing site.

The update now gives users more options to share files after they have synced with a PC or a Mac. From within the Livescribe desktop tool, a user can log in to a number of their social and personal online services, with accounts including Facebook, Evernote, iPads and iPhones with the Livescribe Connector app installed, email accounts including MS Exchange accounts and webmail services and Google Docs. After a connection is made, users can push pencasts to one, some or all of these associated accounts.

This also means that users can share their pencasts with friends and colleagues, who can read and playback the audio data as long as they have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.

Livescribe smartpens come in a small range with varying pricing, and the full suite of Connect tools will only be available for free for owners of the 4GB and 8GB Echo models. Users who currently own the older Livescribe Pulse pen or a 2GB Echo pen will have access to Connect Basic and will be able to share files with Evernote, Facebook and smartphones. They can choose to upgrade to Connect Premium and add email and Google Docs connectivity for AU$14.95.

If you're interested in our take of the Livescribe Echo, you can find the full review here.

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