Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen

Livescribe takes a fantastic idea and makes it even better, introducing a new app platform to its outstanding recording devices.

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User Reviews / Comments  Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen

  • ThiagoD1


    "Thanks for sharing this, I really like the Smartpen concept. I'd like to see those in use in offices and classrooms. I wish that I had one to experiment with myself! Thiago | http://www.highlandgro..."

  • JDrake



    "Man, this pen is awesome. It's like, the future right here. In a pen. Does anyone know where to pick one up for cheap?"

  • lookleft-turnright


    "I have a quick question for those of you who have used the pen. Is the recorded audio initiated from the time you start writing on the pad or can it be adjusted to recording say, 5-10sec before you..."

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