Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel

Branded and made for the Playstation title Gran Turismo, the Driving Force GT features 900 degrees of movement (2.5 turns lock-to-lock), a sequential shifter, shift buttons, a red adjustment dial and a full complement of Playstation buttons.

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ozzy posted a review   

The Good:everything

The Bad:nil



GT Driver posted a comment   

The Good:Features, Force Feedback, Price

The Bad:If your unlucky you could get one with sticky/faulty Brakes

It's a very good steering wheel for what you pay for. But it's best used with Gran Turismo 5.


jimbob40k posted a comment   

The Good:w

The Bad:w

@ crash craddock, real car steering wheels go round 900 degrees


jimbob40k posted a comment   

The Good: force feedback is excellent, Plug and play on ps3!

The Bad:would have been nice to have had paddles instead of button but not a huge deal as its still very comfortable to use

does what it says on the box, and at this price range, it blows its rivals clean out of the water


Chimuel posted a review   

The Good:Great upgrade for the Driving Force Pro. Force feedback is fantastic and the wheel is considerably quieter than the DFP. The 11" wheel makes driving better in any situation [compared to the fairly small wheel on the DFP].

The Bad:Pedals are a bit outdated [exterior is exactly the same as the DFP's and inside, not much has changed but they have improved the potentiometers' placements.] Real paddles instead of buttons for paddle shifters would be nice.

If you don't want to shell out the money for a G25 or the newly released G27, this is definitely the wheel to go for. Offers similar performance as the G25/G27 for a fraction of the cost.

@ Kings Hit: You can remove the extensions for the clamps so you can put it on a thick table and have no problems.

@crash craddock: The +/- and the red jog dial are for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and eventually Gran Turismo 5. PS button is for accessing the XMB [when using a PS3]. These buttons and dial can be programmed if you're using it on a PC.


ya posted a comment   

The Good:i love it with my drifting game

The Bad:nothing

all ringht i guss


Seb posted a comment   

The Good:Fun to use, Has a great realistic feel, Actually bumps to the bumps in the game! Spins back to the original position when on

The Bad:WIRED!! Clamps are not long enough, Cords slip out

I recently went to my friends house and used his Logitech GT wheel, it was so fun! I had a great time drifting in Ridge Racer 7. The realism of this wheel is GREAT! Seriously a great buy, from Dick smith at only $130! And I'm currently saving up for my wheel!

Kings Hit

Kings Hit posted a review   

The Good:Too anyoed by poor planning to have pro's yet.

The Bad:Attaching the wheel to a fixed surface is difficult as there is not enough travel in the clamps

The concept of the wheel is great however the practicallity of fixing the unit so it does not move is annoying!

crash craddock

crash craddock posted a review   

The Good:better than a button controller

The Bad:I used to race on a real track and never needed more than 360 to negotiate corners. 900 is unrealistic and almost impossible to control. who designs this equipment ?

the manual i recieved referred to "driving force pro" and did not explain the use 4 red button, and - button and ps button. can anyone enlighten me ?

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