Logitech G51

Logitech's G51 should keep most gamers on a moderate budget very happy with their performance. Those who want the ultimate in clarity though should keep saving the pennies for the long time king of the hill, the Logitech Z-5500.

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  • Shadowkillaa



    "When i first purchased the Logitech G51 for AUS $300, my first thoughts (as it was my first 5.1 surround sound system) was %u2018OMG%u2019. For someone unfamiliar with HIGH PERFORMANCE speakers, th..."

  • TrincaCiprian



    "It's a nice system after all but not so good when pushed to it's limits. I just had it played really loud at a party and the rear speakers just could not handle it. They "burned out"; not really ca..."

  • Allen



    "I love these speakers. The only issue I've had with them, is that I need to turn down the bass because it's too powerful on the default setting."

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